One Saturday night – like hundreds of times before, 5 friends were playing Playstation Pro Evolution Soccer at one's office. Playstation had developed from PS1 to PS 5 and PES had tens of new releases in the past 20 years since guys started their Saturday night game tradition.

Two of the guys owned a clothing store at the heart of Helsinki and the other three were graphic designers and creatives working in advertising agencies. Guys had been talking about creating their own clothing brand but the killer idea had been missing. Until now…
At this one night guys had (again) some beverages and there was (again) some under the waist line humor (about sex organs and other highly civilized themes), when one of friends said;
“Dudes, if we laugh year after year for these same jokes, would there be also other people out there that are friends of the same kind of humor?!”
“If so, we could create a clothing brand that offers cool sport club t-shirts and caps with rrrreally improper team names and logos – totally imaginary clubs but looking 100% legit… Like the New Era but with more balls and bad ass below the waistline humor?”
“Yeah, totally! Like Minnesota Masturbears… Or Boston Beaver Hunters… Or Anaheim Mighty Dicks, Chicago Whank Socks and California Cock Blockers… Yeah, we could create a whole LEAGUE...” continued others..
After 10 minutes of outrageous laughter guys had gathered a ton of ballsy club names. At this moment friends knew that this was the shit… First thing after finishing the games was to register a trademark. 
The following day, the NAUGHTY LEAGUE was born!